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Any side-effects of Happy Hormones?

  • Some women with IBS can have issues taking the Happy Hormones supplement. This is because their digestive systems can be sensitive to the psyllium husk or whey powder. However, it’s normal to have an increase in bowel movements, since this is a positive action of Happy Hormones to improve hormone clearance.
  • In the first few weeks, a small percentage of women mention headaches. This can be due to toxin clearance from hormone receptor sites; or it can simply be from a change in diet since people are avoiding processed foods, sugar and caffeine. These symptoms rarely last longer than 2 weeks; and once this passes almost all women comment on how amazing they feel. It’s like the clearing of the clouds so to speak.
  • There is often a change in cycles from being on the Happy Hormones Program. We’re happy this happens; and in some cases, women who have supposedly gone through menopause early, have their cycle return. Don’t be alarmed as it’s a good thing! It’s what your body should actually be doing and acts as an anti-aging effect.
  • Positive: Although the Happy Hormones Program is not specifically designed for weight loss, we have a lot of women report losing weight if they felt they needed to lose a few kilos. Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to happen in women who don’t need to lose weight.