How do I take this? Can I mix it in a smoothie?

Absolutely. You can mix Happy Weight into a smoothie, or add it to rice milk, almond milk, some juice, or just plain old water!

Do you take this alone? Without food?

Ideally, it replaces breakfast or lunch. Add it to a smoothie for example.

How long does it last?

Happy Weight contains 20 servings per sachet. That will last approximately 3 weeks if you take one serving per day.

Can I mix this with Happy Hormones?

Yes, you can mix them together in a drink or a smoothie. They’re designed to be used together...

Do I need to take it with HH - can I just take it by itself?

Sure, you can Happy Weight by itself. But for best results, we recommend taking it alongside Happy Hormones and following either the 8-Week Program or the 28-Day Detox.

Do I need to follow the 8-Week Program or the 28-Day Detox if I am taking Happy Weight?

Yes, for best results we recommend following either the 8-Week Program or the 28-Day Detox when taking Happy Weight.

Is it a meal replacement?

Technically it’s a Protein Supplement. But it could replace either breakfast or lunch. You can add it to a smoothie, for example.

How much fat does it contain?

Happy Weight contains 0.28g fat per 25g serving, which is 1.12g per 100g

The sugar seems quite high?

It’s just the breakdown of complex carbohydrates. There are no added sugars in Happy Weight.

But isn’t sugar, just sugar? What’s the difference?

Sugars in a health supplement can be calculated from the complex & simple carbohydrate ingredients, which ultimately breakdown into glucose (a type of natural sugar). But these sugars also have other beneficial components. These are generally considered good for your body.

Whereas refined sugar, used as a sweetener, has no nutritional value & may have negative effects when consumed in large quantities.

Sodium content

There is no added sodium in Happy Weight. It’s just the natural sodium content in the ingredients.

Can men take this as well, or is it just for women?

Absolutely! Happy Weight is for both men and women.

How much caffeine from the green tea and coffee?

The Happy Weight formula only contains 0.6% of Green Tea & Green Coffee Extracts. It’s kept deliberately low so it gives a mild thermogenic effect, without overstimulating anyone.

Can you tell me what that means in a cup of tea or coffee terms, please?

An average cup of coffee contains between 95-165mg of caffeine. An average cup of black tea contains between 25-48mg of caffeine. Quantities can vary depending on the quality of coffee/tea & methods used.

Would the caffeine have a detrimental effect on adrenal fatigue?

The caffeine in Green Tea and Green Coffee is offset by the catechins. So it’s fine for people looking to regulate or improve their adrenal function.


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