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But a quick overview:

Happy Hormones is a catalyst to stimulate the body’s own healing ability. Rather than physically manipulating a hormone or glandular pathway, Happy Hormones contains phytomedicines which influence certain bodily systems which contribute to the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Instead of trying to manipulate a particular hormone, Happy Hormones works at a higher level correcting the fundamental causative factors.

The endocrine system regulates itself through a negative feedback system. When one gland is activated, then another works to deactivate it, so that the body doesn't run out of control. Hormones are just the messengers of the body, but the glands are the conductors. When a hormone is prescribed for a hormonal condition you are effectively forcing the endocrine system into further imbalance. Your body also then stops or limits the production of that hormone making the fundamental situation worse.

The phytomedicines used in Happy Hormones act through balancing the body’s own innate control mechanisms such as the endocrine system, nutrient status, receptor sites, detoxification and excretion ability.

Treating the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves allows for a more profound level of healing. These phytomedicines allow the body to naturally balance hormone levels through improved endocrine function, hormone breakdown, excretion, and sensitivity.

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Read more about how Happy Hormones works »