What the difference between the KW Kefir & Yoghurt Starters?

The Coconut Kefir is a slightly sparkling drink that is made from Coconut Water; whereas the Coconut Yoghurt is made from Coconut Cream and is more of a yoghurt - to take on its own or in a  smoothie.

How much do the starters make?

Yoghurt starters make approximately 10 litres of coconut yoghurt, and the Coconut kefir starters make approximately 10 litres of coconut kefir.

How do I make the KW? (Yoghurt or Kefir) ?

We have videos on the website you can follow on how to make the Starters - but it’s really easy. :)
You have to scroll down the page slightly to see them:

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How long do I need to ferment the kefir and yoghurt for?

12-48 hours, the fermenting time may need to be extended on the temperature. The cooler the temperature the slower the fermentation process.

What is the best coconut water to use for the kefir?

We recommend using either Raw C or Cocobella coconut water for the best success with your kefir.

What coconut cream is best to use for the yoghurt?

We always recommend the original green labelled Ayam coconut cream for the yoghurt.

How long does the kefir and yoghurt culture last?

In its original sealed plastic, both cultures will last for 3 months in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer.

Once fermented and made up, how long do the yoghurt and kefir last?

As long as your jar is correctly sterilised with warm water only and has a good sealing lid both will last for 3 months in the fridge.

What is the CFU count of the kefir?

28 billion CFU per cup.

What is the CFU count of the yoghurt?

41 billion CFU per cup.


Find out more on our website here:

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