The 8-Week Program is not really a detox. It's an alkaline / antioxidant-based diet to encourage better nutrition by alkalising the body over 8 weeks.

It's about slowly introducing healthy eating habits to assist you on a hormonal level, and to help in balancing hormones in conjunction with the Happy Hormones product. It includes steps such as juicing and the fermented drinks, which are specific to hormonal balancing.

The 28-Day Detox is a more extensive paid program, which provides participants with day-to-day meal plans, shopping lists, exercise regimes and special mantra’s to focus on each day. 

The 28-DD has a more restrictive diet which is designed to take stress off your digestive system and activate the detox mechanisms in your body. It's a complete reset for the digestive system, and allows for a total reboot of the system. This can lead to increased energy, and weight loss. 

Which to do first?

For many people, the 28-Day Detox is too much, too soon. Probably best to start with the 8-Week Program and gently ease your way into a more healthy lifestyle. 

If you want to continue your path towards greater health, the 28-Day Detox is the second step. If you take the time to focus on the 28-Day Detox, it will definitely help you lose weight, streamline your organ function and reset your system.

Can the detox program be suited to vegetarians and vegans?

Yes it can. If you're vegetarian, you can find a list of vegetarian protein sources at the back of the program, which will help you in substituting out animal products.

As for vegan’s you have access to our detox expert, Tahlia who is happy to assist you in substituting options which don’t suit your requirements; and to ensure that the detox program is still effective for you.